For operators

For operators

  • Infrastructure in Germany (Frankfurt am Main), Austria (Vienna), Hungary (Budapest) and Slovakia (Bratislava)
  • Over 50,000 phone numbers allocated by European regulators in Europe
  • Direct interconnection with major operators in the countries of presence
  • Favorable prices for traffic termination in European countries

We have been providing telephony and telecom platform services in Europe since 2015, and we are constantly developing our own infrastructure and strengthening ties with international partners

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    Own infrastructure abroad

    We have built our own communication centers in Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany, and we can provide telephony services in other countries with local geographic and nomadic telephone numbers.

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    Worldwide connectivity through trusted suppliers

    We offer competitive rates with premium quality worldwide through direct interconnects with national and international operators.

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    Smaller chain of partners - lower tariffs and higher quality of communication

    We have all the necessary licenses and infrastructure to provide communication services in four European countries and have our own number range of more than 50K. We are fully responsible for the premium quality of international communications.

    Conclude an interconnect agreement with KOMPaaS and offer your partners favorable rates for traffic termination in Europe!

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    Technical support

    We take care of all the technical tasks, providing your customers with high quality communication and second-level technical support.

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    Personal manager

    For each of our clients and partners we allocate a personal manager, who will answer all the questions that arise.

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    Own development team

    We have more than 20 developers in our team and we are constantly developing our products and services.

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