2020 results of KOMPaaS: A 30% increase of the subscriber base in Europe

Telecom operator and software developer KOMPaaS, ended 2020 with better than expected results. This included revenue growth and a significant increase in Europe. 2020 was a year of new challenges, changes and relative success for KOMPaaS.

The pandemic has made its own adjustments to business development, but have not had a very negative impact on the financial results of KOMPaaS.

The group's revenue growth in European countries during 2020 was recorded at the rate of 3% and the growth of the customer base at the level of 30%. This contrasts with the average revenue per European subscriber decreasing from €30 to €20.

There are also positive results in the development of software products and the development of the telecom platform (Paas). During the past year, KOMPaaS subscribers in Europe were presented with a new software product called "Automated Calls", which together with a Virtual PBX automates incoming and outgoing calls. For outgoing calls and dialogs, two types of auto-calls are used: transactional and bulk.

In the first case, the data for the call is downloaded in real time from CRM/ERP systems using the API, and the call is made according to a configured scenario, in which you can provide a connection between the subscriber and the call center operator.

In the second option, the contact list is uploaded to the auto-call via the personal account from the file. In the task, the script is configured, that is, the method of call processing by the "Automated calls". Select the auto-call parameters and the criteria for completing the call by contact. The task completion period and call schedule are determined and a report is generated based on the results.

During the past year, the "Robot Controller" service has been significantly improved, allowing you not to miss a single incoming call to the company, and the function of speech synthesis and recognition on a Virtual PBX has also been improved.

In addition to the previously available direct free integrations of KOMPaaS: these being YCLIENTS and Kommo also added.

KOMPaaS has become a prominent player among alternative fixed-line operators in Hungary over the past two years. The telecom operator offers solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, including VoIP telephony, multi-functional Cloud PBX, Chatphone, Virtual numbers, SIP trunks, and so on.

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