IVR Plus

Looking for a way to make the product even more valuable to the customer? Do you want to spend less time and money processing incoming calls?

Stop trying to force customers to press the phone buttons during the call. Connect a Voice Assistant that will listen and answer questions in a language that the user understands.


Your phone rang... the call is accepted:

Using IVR

  • Call forwarding options range from 0 to 9.
  • You need to press the buttons on the phone, or press the screen of your smartphone.
  • A lot of time is spent in both cases.

With a voice assistant

  • Unlimited quantity
  • The next request is selected by the client's voice.
  • The speed of moving to the next step increases significantly.

To improve business performance

Connect a robot secretary that will help you automate typical call processing tasks


Problem solution:

Create assistant

Choose the language that the robot should speak: English, Hungarian, Slovak, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Serbian, and enter the answers in the scripts that the robot will understand.

Include in the creation process

Add a Voice Assistant to your incoming call routing scheme.

Check the result

Now, at the selected stage, a Voice Assistant will communicate with the client, which will answer questions and redirect calls to employees or other robots.

Add skills

Help expand your vocabulary, create new scenarios and dialog branches. The robot is ready for any volume of work loads, they are stress-resistant, and will meet deadlines.


How does it work?

ManagerIVR PlusReportClient
ManagerIVR PlusReportClient


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Flexible in settings

A user-friendly interface in which each block replaces a piece of software code. Simply move blocks and create scenarios in minutes.

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Smart and fast

Multilingual: English, Hungarian, Slovak, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Serbian and other European languages. Speech recognition and synthesis technologies (TTS/STT) will speed up the work of managers.

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The robot conducts a free dialogue with the client in the chosen language and accurately determines the subject of requests. Most customers do not feel that they are talking to a robot and the system has the ability to ask clarifying questions and identify the true needs of the client.

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You can interrupt the Voice Robot and ask a clarifying question. He will hear, understand, and respond. The settings apply a filter.

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A minute's use of the Voice Assistant operation is 2-3 times cheaper than the employee's time.

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The robot is ready to help 24/7, 365 days a year. Never gets tired, goes on vacation, or gets sick.

How does it cost?



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