Chatbot design for freelance developers

With the help of our guide, create your own chatbot system, improving the customer experience and satisfaction, instead of your own website or app!

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Design advantages

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    Quick setup and developer-friendly interface

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    Sizing freedom

    An unlimited number of dispatches are supported within the bot

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    You can integrate the bot with your website, social media, messengers, customer relationship system and any other analytics

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    Time management

    Create templates for different target groups to present them and operational scenarios. Easily exported directly to the customer's account, it does not take much time to develop the new Chatbot system.

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    Skimp over servers

    No need to spend on separate servers. We do not limit the sophistication of the bot, the number of integrations, newsletters, quizzes and notifications.

Ready-made business solutions with the help of the chatbot

  1. Create a Chatbot tailored to your customer's needs with the help of our designer

  2. If you don't follow standard bot logic, apply code elements and make your bot unique

  3. Make the bot available in your customer's account and grant access

  4. Save the bot draft in your template library so you can quickly propose a solution to the next customer


We use low-code technology, which combines the chatbot designer and program code. Thanks to this, complex chatbot scenarios can be implemented. At the same time, even a specialist without technical knowledge can easily familiarize himself with its architecture: e.g. marketing or sales associate.

The planner can be especially useful if you are a(n)
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    Thanks to the opportunity of wide spectrum of built-in turnkey integrations and the possibility of creating new integrations, the bot can be integrated into any larger project.

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    With the help of the KOMPaaS Chatbot designer, practically any order can be fulfilled, you can save the finished Chatbot template to your own library, so you can easily and quickly create other bots.

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    Marketing agency

    Creating a bot with the help of our chatbot editor is an intuitive process that a digital marketer can easily understand, even if they have not dealt with it before.

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