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API (Application Programming Interface) – this is a software interface which enables integration of KOMPaaS Virtual PBX functions with business application purchased on the market or done by yourself.

API provides the total automation of business processes and using a single surface it can organize the workflow of employees and organizational units.


WebHooks - are automated messages sent from apps if something happens in KOMPaaS Virtual PBX or telephone servises. For example: a message on incoming call in order to activate the calling client's card in the CRM.

WebHooks and API enable quick and easy integration of KOMPaaS Virtual PBX and telephone functionalities with the user's CRM-system, accounting software, website or webshop, cloud services and self-made software.

Messages (Webhooks) on incoming calls
Initiation of outgoing calls ( calls, initiated from API, tariffication according to the tariff scheme)
Query of recorded calls
Detailed statitistics on outgoing and incoming calls
List of available free telephone numbers in a certain region
Allocation of available city numbers
Allocation of telephone numbers to the selected tariff package
Activation of the clients card in the CRM when an incoming call received
Build a sales channel in one app by analyzing call and sales data
Initiation of outgoing calls from the own CRM
Automatic trasfer of clients incoming calls to the personal manager and activation of the clients card in CRM
Matching of recorded calls with the clients card in the CRM
Synchronisation of the companys telephone book with the short numbers of Virtual PBX and CRM

KOMPaaS API is becoming bigger and bigger, using new methods, frequently demanded by our customers.

How to use KOMPaaS API?

  • Step in your MyKOMPaaS account and click on API in the menu.
    You can generate token in the following item of the menu:

  • API documentation with a detailed description of the methods is available in the Personal Account:

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