Prompter – listening in on phone calls

Prompter is a feature, when a more experienced employee listens in on client call with the rookie on a parallel line and gives comments to him/her, if needed.

What is it for?

Adoptation and education of a newcomer in call canter need a lot of time. Even though later he/she can be much confused when facing a difficult problem or communicating with a rude client. Switch to the call an experinced manager, whom will hear only your young colleague.


It helps:

to have smooth dialogue with clients
to ask all questions needed and immediately fix the details
to tell about actions and discounts, close the deals


Your managers are getting experience with hard clients and conflicts much quicker
Clients get answers to all of their questions, regardless of the fact, that they have a call with a single employee
You can get more loyality for your company, the number of closed deals will grow
Set up Prompter for your manager and enhance your sales department


Subscription fee
Monthly fee:

Activate function

Activate the function independently according to the installation instructions

Set up


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