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Isn't your email open rate good enough? Chatbot will improve conversion and make your strategy work.

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Increase average conversion rate!

Using Chatbot you can increase the conversion 5 times. According to research, the open rate of mailing via Chatbots can be increased from average 22% up to 98%, and CTR: from 7,5% to 37,5%.

What is the difference between the newsletter sent by Chatbot and the simple e-mail?

  • They can be easily segmented according to Chatbot behavior database
  • You can use any pictures, video and simple attach files without a risk of domain blocking
  • Save some money on designer services
  • The newsletter is formed very quickly
  • They are usually spread out the whole database
  • You need to make sure that the letter does not become too heavy and does not get into spam
  • The services of experienced designer are needed
  • Time consuming process of lay-out


Newsletters sent by Chatbot are based on a low-code approach, which incorporates the elements of bot-design and code. Thanks to that you can implement a sophisticated logic of bot, which can be understandable for a specialist who is not familiar with programming: marketing expert, product-manager, salesman.

How does it work?

  1. Call a potential client through the bot, proposing an interesting offer: quiz-game, discount or anything else

  2. As he is connected, propose sending him a newsletter to messenger through the bot, not to lose the interesting offer

  3. You can realize sophisticated scenarios, which are not possible with e-mail

Who can benefit from Chatbots?


Marketing agencies

They support solving client requests three times quicker and save the budget on the fast and automated reply to frequently asked questions.



They increase the conversion of actions, sending the newsletters to interested clients in due time.


Companies, organizing online-education

They keep relations with the attendees, reminding them about the sessions, new courses and webinars of their interest.

By combining telephony with artificial intelligence, we help you to automate business processes!

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