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Combining PBX and IP PBX with a single numbering plan

Connect KOMPaaS Virtual PBX and any third-party PBX (analogue, hybrid or virtual) into a single PBX with a common numbering plan with the ability to interconnect them using extension numbers.

19.99 €/month

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Ten years ago, Virtual PBXs were unpopular. While selecting the telephony for your business, the choice was only between various models of office infrastructure.

Most of our clients have an office-type analog PBX installed.

Update the capabilities of your PBX without refusing of it, but expanding its functionality without capital costs

We propose to expand the functionality of the current PBX without replacing or updating your equipment. Use the capabilities of a single system with KOMPaaS Virtual PBX!

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To improve efficiency

Combining office-type and Virtual PBX will allow you to use all the functionality of the PBX. You can connect the voice menu, call distribution algorithms, automatic call redirection to a personal manager, call recording and thorough analytics as well as more than 200 functions that help a call center, sales and customer service specialists. Not all of them are available in PBXs.

Use modern technology to simplify negotiations with customers and, quite possibly, to increase the number of sales!

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    To scale your business

    If you plan to open a branch or several branches, it is not necessary to purchase expensive telecom equipment for it. Connect to the system a Virtual PBX, which is not tied to the location of the office - and use a single system with a common numbering plan! Calls will be made to the company number and distributed among managers, regardless of whether the employee is connected via office or virtual equipment.

    The combination of PBX and IP PBX allows you to quickly scale your business without spending time and budget on the purchase of equipment. You can connect telephony in any city and region within one working day.

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    Convenient for incoming calls

    Extension numbers on both the internal PBX and the external one work the same way when dialing a number immediately and manually during a call.

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    Helps with customer calls

    The subscriber who receives the call will see the standard number of the company with a short internal number of his manager.

Solution benefits

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    Budget savings

    You do not need to abandon equipment that has already had a large budget invested in, you simply expand the capabilities of the system.

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    Convenient internal communications

    Employees within the company will call each other by short numbers, even if they are located in another branch.

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    Unified numbering plan

    Whatever number the call is received, it is processed according to the same algorithm as the office PBX.

Set up the way you want

Connect a call recording, geographical routing and other necessary functions of the Virtual PBX to the system.

19.99 €/month

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