Robotized solution for beauty salons

No more wasted requests due to the inattentive receptionists or lack of time, how to increase ARPU!

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What does the client want?

If we call a beauty salon we expect that the receptionist answers our call immediately or reacts on requests sent from the website and answers all our questions and tells about promotions.

What is the problem?

The more clients visit the beauty salon the less requests will be answered. Receptionists miss calls and they might not look through the messages, they also forget to tell about special offers and propose other services. The owner of the salon should supervise them or accept the loss of clients.

We simplify and automate the process

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    We connect a Virtual PBX and a multichannel number in order to avoid customers waiting on telephone line

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    We are implementing automated calls, which answer automatically any requests, anytime of the day

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    We provide an opportunity to create any scenarios for customer dialogues according to different times of the day

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    The robot is connected to a CRM, which turns to the database to check the time-schedule of employees and to make appointments with the clients

We increase ARPU and the number of requests

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    Informs clients

    Robot communicates with clients and tells about special offers and dicounts, for example, about discounts on SPA services

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    Automates sales

    Robots make sales and cross-selling processes automated, for example in the case of order for hair-coloring it proposes products for care of colored hair

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    Robots provide survey

    They ask for customer opinion on services and treatments provided and correct the loss of reputation

Your opportunities

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    Scenarios for customer dialogues

    Robot makes a dialogue according to a defined scenario, which can be elaborated by yourself. It can make appointments with the clients, answer the frequently asked questions, for example where is the nearest salon.

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    All data is stored in the CRM

    Receptionist can forget to register the appointment in the CRM. Robot does it automatically, the appointment can not be lost and it can not be transferred to another date.

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    Business sizing

    Robot reacts immediately to all requests coming from the clients, even when they call at the same time. It never gets tired, angry and does not make mistakes when the number of clients increases.

Ready solution for beauty salons

Beauty salon
Virtual PBX
for 3 subscribers
Ready integration with Altegio
Fixed-line telephone numbers
from €0.99/month
from €35/month
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By combining telephony with artificial intelligence, we help you to automate business processes!

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