Collaboration program - is a guaranteed long-term profit for you

The KOMPaaS partner program is aimed at the distribution of telephony and mobile communication services, as well as software products: Virtual PBX, API, Multichat, with the help of agents who can offer solutions to the client without complicated implementation and extra costs.

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Simple and profitable sales

KOMPaaS products are easy to learn, easy to sell and to implement. Our KOMPaaS affiliate program provides everything you need to make a profit - immediately after you join. Your income will grow by offering products at a competitive price, but without upfront investment or sales commitments
Offer additional IP telephony equipment and services
Constant revenue due to subscription fees and traffic
Complex solution of client's tasks

Personal sales and technical support consultants

KOMPaaS's sales consultants and technical support will be in constant contact to ensure that your partnership with KOMPaaS pays dividends. From pre-sales consultations to installed systems support, KOMPaaS experts are always there to provide the best conditions and valuable technical advice.
Recommendations for marketing and sales from experts
A KOMPaaS personal manager for your company
Agent's personal account

The affiliate commission

We would appreciate you as our partner and hope for a mutually beneficial cooperation!
Automatic calculation of remuneration for the reporting period
Accounting for paid remuneration and upcoming payments.
The Agency fee is paid in the next reporting month
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KOMPaaS is a telecommunications platform that allows B2B customers to connect telephony software products and services in real time: Virtual PBX with more than 200 useful functions, Geographic and Nomadic numbers, Chatbots, Automated calls, 2FA Authentication (Confirmation Call) and other necessary services to automate the processes of interaction with customers.

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