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SIP trunk

The virtual communication channel connecting the operator's telecommunications platform (CPaaS) and the client's equipment

1 channel €1/mo
sip trunk scheme

What is it for?

The solution allows you to connect an unlimited number of virtual and mobile numbers over the SIP Protocol. An IP PBX or Softswitch can be used as the client's hardware.

How it works?

The KOMPaaS service allows telephone numbers from EU countries to be connected to a SIP trunk for both corporate clients and telecom operators.

Unlike solutions based on analog or digital signal multiplexing (TDM) technologies, SIP trunking allows you to abandon multi-pair physical cable lines connecting the operator's equipment with the client's city PBX.

SIP trunk makes it possible to receive telephone numbers located in different cities in one virtual channel.


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    A single window for connecting, configuring and managing fixed and mobile phone numbers

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    Instant connection of new numbers

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    Trunk bandwidth management

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