Voice-activated banking bots

Automate your call centre operations, cut down on expenses and boost your profits.

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Assessing your time expenditure

How much time do your call centre specialists spend on making service offers, responding to enquiries, and issuing reminders to credit customers? Your operators are expected to work daily, and consistently maintain impeccable politeness, friendliness, and a responsible attitude towards data protection. All of these tasks can be undertaken by a voice-activated bot.

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    Reducing call centre operational costs

    Employing a bot is considerably less expensive than maintaining a call centre operation.

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    Enhancing work efficiency

    The bot makes calls more swiftly, never deviates from the conversation script, and always remains polite and amiable.

How it works

The voice-activated bot is a service that integrates with the Virtual PBX of your CRM. It autonomously makes calls based on a pre-established algorithm and converses with clients using prepared scripts. Moreover, the bot responds to key phrases uttered by the client and selects the most appropriate response from those scripted in the scenario.

Automating sales department operations

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    The bot conducts calls significantly quicker than a human, and can concurrently engage in conversations with hundreds of subscribers.

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    Record keeping

    Details of agreements with the client are automatically stored in their CRM profile, ensuring no mix-ups or losses of data.

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    Personalised approach

    When engaging in dialogue, the bot automatically loads data from the CRM, thus addressing the client by name, citing their debt amount and listing the banking products they use.

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    Thorough monitoring

    All call data, including analytics about unsuccessful connections, duration of conversations and their recordings, are stored in the system.

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    Accelerating marketing research

    The bot swiftly and cost-effectively conducts mass client calls for customer surveys.

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    Reinforcing the bank's reputation

    The bot can be programmed to answer incoming calls in a manner that ensures customers don't have to wait on the line, thus preventing any build-up of dissatisfaction with the bank.

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