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Expand the sales funnel and boost conversion to close deals.

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A webinar is an effective method to attract new attendees to online courses. However, the conversion from it to closing a deal rarely exceeds 10%. The more participants and the higher the average transaction value, the lower the conversion rate.

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Use the Voice Robot to enhance the conversion rate from webinars to sales and boost your profits

The Voice Robot will call the webinar participant after a time interval you set, inquire about their impressions, and remind them of the online course.

More effective than SMS campaigns:
  • An email from a manager might get lost amongst the inbox clutter, or the user might read and subsequently forget about it.
  • Text messages don't allow for collecting feedback on the webinar or addressing objections.
More cost-efficient than managerial calls:
  • A manager, like anyone, might mix up details, forget about promotions, or fail to input information into the system.
  • Calls from managers are considerably more expensive than employing the Voice Robot.

How it works

  1. The Voice Robot calls the list of webinar participants

  2. During the conversation, it uses only pre-set responses

  3. It selects responses based on a script, identifying key words from the conversational partne


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    Speeds up the process:

    The robot can reach out to all webinar participants much faster than call centre specialists can.

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    Boosts conversion:

    Thanks to the robot, you can address the most common objections of potential clients before they engage with a manager.

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    Ensures consistent service:

    The robot is always attentive to clients, impeccably polite, never experiences burnout, and never gets irritated.

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