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Most young people use their smartphones for chatting: 60% of Y and Z generation (ages 18-29) prefer send text messages rather than calling.

  • - Reliable solution from telecom operator
  • - Telegram, Viber
  • - All kind of integrations
  • - Users variables

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What is Chatbot?

Chatbot is a product, which automises communication in text messengers through scenarios. Using our builder you can create any scenario of a dialogue easily:

  1. Add needed bot-reactions and gather user data
  2. Add scenario to desired messengers (Telegram, Viber)
  3. Add integration (CRM, Google Sheets, other services) if needed

One single button will make everything work!

What is Chatbot for?

Spare working time of your employees

Create effective scenarios based on your experience with targeted audience in order to delegate the communication with clients to Chatbot, and your employees will be engaged with other important tasks. Up to 80-90% of client calls will be answered by Chatbot alone, without any intervention from employees.

Flexible, fast and easy implementation

No need to establish separate communication channel in each messenger or social network. The same scenario can be imported to all platforms, and all data can be automatically "landed" into your CRM.

With the aid of API you can load any data into Chatbot, which can transfer them to the clients much more faster than any manager.

Your advantage in competition

Modern company cannot live without modern tools of communication. Provided, that your competitors already optimize their business processes with the aid of sophisticated analytical systems, at the same time you still will send out brochures by post, than sooner or later they can push you out from the business, because what worked for you yesterday, will not work "tomorrow".

It operates more accurately, than a person

Chatbot answers proactively and accurately, never sick, and does not make mistakes. It is always customer-friendly, objective and well-informed. Bot is ready to wait for the client's reaction during any amount of time, it answers the call in one minute 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Who needs Chatbot?

Sales department

Activate additional sales channel for communication with targeted audience on all sections of the pipeline. Automate the whole sales process, service order and action through Chatbot!

Marketing department

Increase involvement of your audience by offering games, quests and promotions to your potential clients.

Customer support

Decrease per capita costs of customer service by the effect of economy of scale: much more solved clients cases. According to data of IBM implementation of chatbots decreases the support costs by 30%.

Why to choose our Chatbots?

Our price is one of the lowest on the market. We are here to open access to a new technology. Create your Chatbot with our drag-and-drop builder for free now.
Full automation
You can use a single scenario for different platforms, gathering all data in CRM.
With the help of API you can load data automatically, enabling Chatbot to communicate with the clients based on the most actual information, only.
Easy going
Easy no-code Chatbot builder platform. No Coding Skills Needed. Try it for free right now!
Create your own customer interaction scenarios using our Chatbot builder platform

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