Automated calls and a Virtual PBX are proposed for the automation of HR processes

  • Greater levels of efficiency
  • Higher conversion rates (hit rate)
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Routine processes:

The recruiter spends about half of his working time on routine processes

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    Standard questions

    Initially, standard questions help you to evaluate the relevance of the candidate and this process occupies a significant part of the recruiter's time

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    Questions concerning an appointment

    Another example of ineffective usage of resources: the recruiter spends a lot of time contacting candidates to make appointments

Robot is an ideal assistant for mass recruitment
Although it cannot substitute human beings, it can improve the efficiency of an HR department.

Further assistance:

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    Filtering of candidates

    The robot is able to independently filter unsuitable job applications, enabling recruiters to not spend time on this routine process

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    Mass interviews

    The robot is able to make interviews with a great number of candidates, which increases the conversion rate (hit rate) and reduces the timescale of recruitment

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    The robot acts according to script

    The robot makes calls to candidates, who passed the first interview, in order to confirm the next appointment


The robot processes the applications 10 times faster than a human being


The robot is able to filter 35% of irrelevant applications independently


Using the robot can increase the conversion rate (hit rate) by 10%


The cost of recruitment decreases by 1.5 times

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What kind of results can be achieved by using the Voice Robot in 1 day?
  1. After calling 1322 applicants, the robot successfully reached 1225 candidates, by phone
  2. 275 candidates passed the first stage screening and registered for interview
  3. 465 candidates remain interested in securing the vacancy
  4. The final conversion rate = 21 % of the initial list of candidates

    The robot has completed the series of routine processes in one day. The total time of the dialogues is 4000 minutes or 66 hours, meaning that a human being would need to spend more than 16 working days to complete this task.

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How Voice Robot can help for any other tasks

Besides recruitment, HR managers have many internal tasks. For example, the notification of employees regarding holiday working conditions or making inquiries as to the reasons of frequent dismissals.

All of these routine tasks can be delegated to Voice Robot in order to save the valuable time of HR managers and thus improve efficiency.

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