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Robotized solutions for web-shops

Enhanced automation technology in order to save costs and accelerate order-processing.


Tasks for voice robots


Reducing time of call processing


Reducing cost of calls by 2 times

Features of the system


Immediate confirmation of the order


Reminder on interrupted calls


Notification on order modification


Quality control: NPS and CSI


Integration with any kind of CRM or business process management system


Notification on actions

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Automatic confirmation of orders

Voice robot calls the client immediately after completing the order in the web-shop. It recognizes the speech of the client easily and understands his/her answers. Client can modify the order during the call. Robot can transfer the client's call to the call-center operator.

How does it work?

The order is being processed in the web-shop. By this event the system generates a call to the client and gives some data to the robot: name of the client, order details, price, delivery address.

Voice robot translates all data of the order to the client, recognizes his reactions and transfers them in text form to the web-shop.

  1. You initiate an order
  2. You take an order
  3. Robot calls you
  4. Robot tells you the details of your order
  5. You confirm the order

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