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Call Transcription

The Virtual PBX function, which allows you to automatically and in real-time translate audio recordings of conversations in more than 30 languages of the world into text format. Files are available to subscribers in their personal accounts, can be sent to the e-mail or uploaded using the API, and used later in your CRM.

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What is it for?

Phone call transcription allows you to translate calls into text: analyze telephone conversations, identify customer objections and generate recommendations for sales managers, thereby optimizing and automating the work of the sales department.

Using transcription is more convenient than listening to audio recordings of calls: text files can be read faster, saving time.


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    Analysis of the effectiveness of telephone conversations of managers

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    The ability to identify the most effective sales strategies

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    A convenient way to analyze typical customer objections

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    More than 30 languages of the world are available for transcription

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    Identification of stop words in the speech of employees during telephone conversations

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    Transcription of your own uploaded audio files


Subscription fee
Monthly fee:

* fee is charged for transcription of conversations at special rates of the Speech-to-Text service.

Activate function

Activate the function independently according to the installation instructions

Set up


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