Consolidate all your company's messengers, chats, and social networks into one intuitive interface.

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What is Multichat?

Multichat is an online platform that amalgamates various communication channels. Within this unified workspace, you can simultaneously engage with clients sending messages through social networks, messengers, as well as website chats or feedback forms. Its user-friendly interface boasts a myriad of beneficial features.

With Multichat, customer support representatives can manage inquiries without missing any, monitor conversation statuses, redirect dialogues to other specialists, seamlessly intervene in user interactions with chatbots, configure automated response scenarios, and even initiate callback services through integration with voice services.

What's included with Multichat?

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    A complimentary 14-day trial period (Promo)

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    Rapid setup with 24/7 technical support

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    Cost-saving with the callback option

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    Call recording feature via Virtual PBX

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    Seamless integration with analytical services

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    Connectivity with major CRM systems

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    Comprehensive statistics on manager's calls and dialogues

How can you set up Multichat?

  1. Click on the "Connect" button to navigate to the Additional Services Order menu

  2. Complete the order form and, in the "Service" field, select "Request a Consultation"

  3. Our representative will reach out to you to clarify details and confirm your order

  4. Configure Multichat with the assistance of our technical support team or independently using our provided guidelines

  5. Alternatively, give us a call at +43 1 412 00 99

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Connect to Multichat under favourable terms and with no traffic limitations!

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How can Multichat benefit your company?

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    Website Live Chat

    An increasing number of customers favour text-based communication. Offer them the opportunity to reach out via a convenient channel!

    • Effortless website integration
    • Customisable design
    • Widget functionality adjustments
    • Quick response templates
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    Callback Feature

    No more need for a Toll-free number! Make calls cost-free for clients who request a callback.

    • Virtual number setup
    • Configuration of virtual PBX options
    • Gathering callback data via live chat
    • Complimentary conversation transcription!
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    Centralised message collection

    Consolidate messages from all channels - Telegram, Viber, and website live chat, all within a unified dashboard. Utilise an intuitive interface to manage conversations across all touchpoints.

    • Message history retention
    • Profile data retrieval from social networks
    • Dialogue categorisation via tags
    • Availability status of conversational partners
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    Chatbot Integration

    Instantly address routine tasks - try it out for free! Reduce your expenses and the time from inquiry to deal closure.

    • Lead collection and qualification
    • Effortless scenario configuration
    • Connection to voice-activated bots
    • Quizzes, surveys, games, and promotional broadcasts
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    Advertising Analytics

    Integration with Google Analytics. Enhance the efficacy of your advertising campaigns!

    • Source of inquiry identification
    • Chat conversion tracking
    • Event addition via JS code
    • User data extraction
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    Monitoring operator performance

    Access all operator dialogues via a unified interface. Evaluate the quality of client interactions swiftly and effortlessly!

    • Track the number of requests - completed or in progress
    • Review correspondences for accuracy
    • Search within dialogues using keywords
    • Filter and sort dialogues accordingly

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