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Automatic calls for online pharmacies

Remind customers of their orders and boost your turnover.

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Ordering products online

This is a core feature of almost every online pharmacy, be it part of a chain or an independent outlet. Yet, in no pharmacy do customers collect 100% of the medicines they reserve online.

According to a study, on average, customers in chain pharmacies fail to pick up 15% of their online orders, while the figure rises to 20% for independent pharmacies.

Customers fail to collect their orders for a variety of reasons:

While medicines are reserved, they remain unavailable to other customers, causing the pharmacy to miss out on potential revenue. Utilise an Automatic call to minimise these losses.

  1. They forget about the order
  2. They purchase from another pharmacy
  3. They opt for alternative medications
  4. They adopt a different treatment plan
  5. They reprioritise their needs
  6. They recover from their ailment

More effective than SMS campaigns:

  • Users might overlook an SMS or forget about it
  • The nature of SMS limits the length of the message
  • It's impossible to ask a customer directly if they confirm their order via SMS

More cost-effective than manager calls:

  • The robot can rapidly call an extensive customer database
  • The cost of operating a robot is significantly less than employing a manager, freeing specialists for more complex tasks
  • A robot will never mix up details and will always reach any customer


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    Boosting customer motivation and sales

    The robot will remind customers of their order, enhancing the likelihood of its collection.

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    Reducing unnecessary reservations

    The robot swiftly cancels redundant reservations, making products immediately available again.

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    Gathering feedback and analytics

    Utilising the Automatic call allows immediate insight into the reasons for order cancellations.

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