altegio integration


Altegio integration

Altegio - is a cloud-based platform for automation of the service business, enabling electronic logging, detailed statistics and analytics, and the distribution of e-mails and SMS to customers.


What is it for?

The Altegio platform is a convenient solution for online stores and beauty salons, which allows customers to check in online at any time during the business hours. The functionality of the cloud-based platform increases the chances of visitors returning. The integration of KOMPaaS Virtual PBX with Altegio is free and users have access to all the services of the PBX: Voice menu (IVR), Online monitoring, Call recording, Cost control, FMC, Robot Controller, Automated calls, etc.

Customer base segmentation for SMS marketing
Online posting to the website, social networks, messenger and apps
Full control of the electronic schedule
Recording and control of warehouse movements

Activate function

Activate the function independently according to the installation instructions

Set up


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