Robot controller

No time for the controling sales managers? Do you miss calls and at the same time lose customers and company profits?

Invite a Robot Controller that will call back missed calls and connect your client with an available manager.


How can you manage without a Robot Controller?

To configure notifications: SMS, Messengers, E-Mail

Track channels for receiving information and quickly contact a potential client.
Monitor requests in various communication channels so that managers don't miss a single call.
Assign a manager to return a call. However, he may be busy, he may forget, or he may simply not have time.
Monitor the completion of tasks.

Do you want these functions to be faster, easier and more efficient?

Connect a Robot Controller on the KOMPaaS Virtual PBX, which will relieve you and your employees from these routine tasks.


How does it work with a Robot that returns calls?

Virtual PBXManagerRobot-controllerClient

You missed a customer call

The system calls your free manager

After successful connection with the manager, the system calls the client back

The manager and the client are now talking. The lost call has become a lead.


Who will need it and when?

The sales department has decided to quickly increase the customer base and the marketing department launched an advertising campaign, without calculating the strength of sales managers. As a result, there were more incoming calls than the managers can handle. The robot automatically calls back subscribers, and customer service employees do not miss a single request.
The robot controller will help companies that wish to improve their customer service and this will result in increased user loyalty.


Automatically returns all missed calls

Settings allow you to select a number, operator or queue

Works on a schedule and does not call back at night

You control the number of attempts to call back

Set time intervals between dial-up attempts

Numbers are excluded from the auto-call list if they have already been reached

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