Automated call for medical institutions

Saving time for patients and operators.

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phone, calendar and clock
You can automatically register appointment with the doctor for your clients, receiving answers to your questions, confirm or modify appointments.
Operators usually spend a lot of time with reminder calls to the patients about the date and time of appointment. Without it patients can forget about seeing the doctor.
All the time they should answer monotype calls concerning the physicians' schedule, opening time of the medical service and how to access it.

It is not possible to answer all calls at the same time, so patients should wait.

Transforming telephony

After implementing automated calls:


Robot reminds the patient about his appointment: confirms, postpones or deletes it and saves the changes.


Answers the questions of the patient received in any form, being oriented on the key-words.


Provides a consultation for the preparation to the medical treatments.


If there is a need it can connect the patient to the operator.

handsets and clock
It reacts faster, than the operator
After switching to the robot patients should not wait for the answer: dialogue begins immediately.
handsets and clock
It can handle any size of call-flow
Robot answers everyone through the multichannel number and it is capable to handle up to 100 calls at the same time.
Scripts, well designed in details
You will create your own scripts of automated calls, taking into account specifics of your business, preferences and fears of your clients. Also include frequently asked questions in the scripts and do not hesitate to change your scenario if there is a need to do so. We are here to help you how to do it.
Thorough analytics
Robot saves the statistics and registered calls in all details. Analyze this data in order to create a detailed profile of your target group and change marketing strategy accordingly.
Your approach to any CRM
We support several popular CRM systems and we can create integration with them. For example, in Kommo we create a customer card in the file "unprocessed" when a new client makes a call or in "Bitrix" we create lead and task.

KOMPaaS turn-key solution

For medical institutions
Phone number with 1 voice channel
from €0.99/month
Audio channel for
Automated calls
Call recording
Virtual PBX
from €44.37/month

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