Voice classification calls

Classify telephone conversations with clients using voice commands.

What is its purpose?

Call termination management is a contemporary solution, enabling operators to tag each conversation by uttering key phrases at the end of a phone call.

With the technology of voice tagging, there is no longer a need to assign tags through dial tones or manually on a computer. Spend less time and handle calls more efficiently.

To assign tags using voice commands, it is necessary to enable the VPBX option "Call Termination Management" and activate the speech synthesis and recognition feature "Question-Answer".

Thanks to complimentary integrations of telephony with CRM services, tags can be automatically fed into the customer management system alongside other conversation details.


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    Simply utter a keyword at the end of a conversation, and the programme will instantly tag it in the call log

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    Assign tags using your phone, even if you don't have access to the CRM system at hand.

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    Designate synonyms for recognition to ensure every conversation is tagged flawlessly.


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