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Purchasing day and night

Imagine that you are arriving home after work and you are going to place an order in a web-shop or register for a course. You are entering the website of the interested company. Suddenly you have a question and not having an answer, it is difficult to make a decision. You are trying to fill in the form on the site... No reaction. You would like to make a phone-call, no answer. The working day has ended. Some companies lose clients in such a way.

Use a Chatbot to your business during at night

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    It answers the questions
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    Works also on holidays
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    Always available
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    Always positive
  • Annual savings can be €174 000 000 000 by using Chatbots
    Based on research, Chatbots enable budget savings, mostly in insurance, finance, sales and support.
  • 57% of businessmen are sure that Chatbots increase ROI
    According to an Accenture survey top-managers and technical directors are aware about it.
  • 50% of clients expect that the business should be available 24/7
    According to an Oracle research refusing the client calls during the night you can lose up to 50% of requests.

Chatbot enlarges sales funnel


Increasing conversion

Bots answer the questions at night, the managers - during the day. In difficult situations bots save and transfer to the manager.

The result: clients receive answers to their questions and place orders at their early convenience.


Increase of postponed sales

Client enters into an interactive dialogue and bot can give him messages, pictures, quiz-games and any other content.

The result: client is involved in a dialogue, and the reputation of the company is getting increased.


Chatbots are based on a low-code approach, which incorporates the elements of bot-design and code. Thanks to this you can implement a sophisticated logic of bot, which can be understandable for a specialist who is not familiar with programing: marketing expert, product-manager, salesman.


Who benefits from implementing a bot?


Internet agencies

Your customer demands do not relate to the time of the day. Your client can make an appointment, use and pay for services during the night involving Chatbot.



Lot of buyers are looking for goods in the evening, after work. At this time there is a need for informing them, providing consultations in order to make a decision and not to postpone the purchasing or turn to the competitors.


Services and online education

If your business is related to the information, the sales process is connected with clarification of many details. Bots can answer the basic questions and keep waiting the customer until the specialist takes over the call.

By combining telephony with artificial intelligence, we help you to automate business processes!

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