Call Recording

Record any conversations for better customer service and lower liability risks.

  • – Never miss important details to maximize performance and profit
  • – Monitor agent script compliance and conduct effective trainings
  • – Protect interests of all parties: business, customers & personnel
what is call recording

What is Call Recording?

Call Recording is a solution aimed at making records of outbound and inbound calls of your choice, be it conversations of a particular agent, queue, or scenario.

This solution allows you to record conversations automatically, listen to call recordings online in your VPBX account, and save audio files one by one or in bulk to your computer or any application.

How does Call Recording work?

  1. To start using Call Recording you will need to have free virtual disk space to save audio files and set up the VPBX function in your personal account.

  2. After implementing the Call Recording solution, you will be able to configure the settings of recording, files storage and access. It will be possible to record not only conversations, but also pre-recorded voice messages from IVR that precede the dialogue itself.

  3. Recorded calls can be downloaded as audio files or automatically synchronized with business CRM via API for keeping a track of every customer interaction in one place without switching between applications.

Why Choose Call Recording from

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    Easy activation

    No preparation needed, just follow the instructions from our Knowledge Base. Feel free to contact us if needed!

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    Flexible settings

    Set up the rules of recording, storage and access which work best for your business needs.

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    Convenient search

    You can filter calls by date, time period, agent, solution, phone number or service with just a couple of clicks.

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    Top sound quality

    Select the voice recording quality and playback with noise reduction right in your personal account.

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    Affordable price

    The Call Recording cost consists of a small subscription fee and an optional charge for virtual Disk Storage space.

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    Free CRM integrations

    You can connect your CRM and save all conversation recordings automatically to client cards.

How to start using the Call Recording solution?

  1. Sign up for Virtual PBX service - from €1.99 per month
  2. Increase virtual Disk Storage space if needed - from €0.9/GB per month, 1 GB = 5000 minutes of audio files
  3. Activate Call Recording function - from €2.95/month
  4. Send call recordings to your CRM automatically through API - €0 per transaction
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Benefits of using Call Recording

  • Phone calls assessment

    Call Recording is a cornerstone of call center quality control. Compliance with procedures and policies as part of overall agent performance can be easily monitored by supervisors with access to recorded conversations directory in the company's VPBX account.

  • Effective dispute resolution

    With the help of Call Recording, you will have firm evidence to handle inevitably arising controversial situations in the most objective way. To stay legally compliant, it's required to put an announcement about calls being recorded before the conversation.

  • Customer service improvement

    Call recordings analysis can be useful for eliminating inefficiencies and recurring issues through targeted training and actionable feedback. Decreasing repeat calls, reducing the average handling time and solving customer problems at first contact are among the usual outcomes.

  • Product & marketing strategy boost

    Paying more attention to what customers say allows to identify common problems and complaints for product and marketing campaigns refinement. Combined with training and service monitoring, it can increase sales conversion, repeat purchases and customer retention.

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