The robot controller

Automatic callback function for missed calls. The Virtual PBX automatically dials up the free group manager and connects him to the client who made the earlier call.


What is it for?

The robot controller helps to create simple and effective business communications, increases the company's revenue without missing a single lead. The solution is useful for small and medium-sized enterprises that decide to improve customer service and increase user loyalty, and will help during advertising campaigns if there are more incoming calls than expected.


Automatic calls to all missed calls
Settings allow you to select a number, operator or queue
Works on a schedule, does not call back at night
It is possible to set the number of attempts to call back
Does not respond to non-targeted calls
Numbers are excluded from the auto-call list if they have already been reached


Subscription fee
Monthly fee:

Activate function

Activate the function independently according to the installation instructions

Set up


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