The number of KOMPaaS's clients increased by 23% in 2021

KOMPaaS shows an increase in the subscriber base in four European countries: Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Germany by 23%.

According to the results of 2021, the subscriber base of corporate clients, which use telephony and Virtual PBX services, includes more than 400 small and medium-sized companies. At the same time, revenue growth of some services varies from 30% to 35%. Thus, annual revenue from the services of the main product: Cloud-based PBX platform, increased by 30%, from telephony services by 34%.

At the same time, the ARPU of B2B clients (Average revenue per user) at the end of the year averages 20 EUR.

In terms of refinement and development of the Telecom platform (CPaaS), the company also demonstrates strong progress. During the year, new software products and services appeared: Chatbot, Flash Call Authentication, Call Tracking, SMS-notification and new functions of the Virtual PBX, for example: "Prompter". Direct integrations with popular CRM systems are available: Kommo, Bitrix 24, SAP Business One, YCLIENTS.

"In 2022, we plan to introduce new additional services of the Telecom platform that will help our subscribers automate business processes, expand integrations with other products and use more channels of interaction with their customers. One of the goals is to complete the development of the "Multichat" service, which combines many channels of interaction with customers in a single solution. In addition, we have started developing a mobile application for corporate clients, which implies the ability to make and receive calls from the application, send and receive SMS," says Alexander Melnikov, CEO of KOMPaaS.

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