New feature of KOMPaaS VPBX "Call Transcription"

From February 1, business clients of the telecom operator and the software products developer KOMPaaS have access to a new function of the Virtual PBX "Call Transcription", which allows you to turn speech into text.

An additional feature of the Virtual PBX allows you to analyze telephone conversations in real-time, identify objections from customers, and generate recommendations for sales managers, thereby optimizing and automating the work of the sales department.

Transcribed telephone conversations are available in the subscriber's KOMPaaS account. In addition, you can configure the automatic sending of a text file containing the transcript of calls to e-mail. The decrypted calls can also be retrieved via the API. And your own audio files can be uploaded to the system for subsequent transcription.

Transcription of conversations is charged at special rates of the speech recognition service.

Feel free to know more about a new feature.

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