ChatGPT is available for testing by calling

The telecom operator and software developer connected telephony services with ChatGPT, thus providing an opportunity for all interested users to communicate and test the intelligent bot not only in chat, but also by voice over the phone.

ChatGPT was developed by OpenAI based on the language model GPT-3.5, which was trained on the Azure AI infrastructure. An intelligent chatbot has extensive knowledge and is able to share it, formulating detailed answers to the most complex questions in different languages of the world. At the same time, ChatGPT can be verbose, sensitive to changes in the wording of the question. So, with one wording, the bot can claim that it does not know the answer, but with a slight paraphrase, ChatGPT answers correctly.

To talk to a smart chatbot, you need to call +44 75 37971346. The cost of the call depends on the tariff of your telecom operator.

At the moment, the integration of telephony services with a new generation chat bot developed on the basis of the GPT-4 language model, which is capable of recognizing not only text, but also images, is being finalized. According to comments provided by the OpenAI developers, GPT-4 is a multi-modal model that accepts image and text inputs and produces text outputs, which, although less efficient than humans, in many real-world scenarios demonstrates success in various professional and academic tests at the human level. ChatGPT-4 is able to process more than 25 thousand words, compose lyrics, write scripts, any texts in different styles and genres.

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