KOMPaaS has developed Flash Call authentication on its telecom platform

Telecom operator, software developer KOMPaaS offers several ways to verify users data: Flash Call, Password Call, Password SMS.

The solution "Authentication" is intended for financial institutions, Internet services, online stores, HoReCa enterprises and any other companies that require user verification. For example, the supplier of a product or service needs to make sure that human being is in front of him, but not a robot, or you need to obtain an existing contact number for a new customer. In both cases, any of this three authentication methods will help, which speed up user authorization, help save data in security, protecting them from cyber threats related to password cracking.

In case of using the Flash Call method, the user is prompted to indicate his phone number registered in the system and receive a call. The last four digits of the number are a unique one-time access code. Flash Call can be implemented with any telephone numbers, including foreign ones.

Another way to authenticate Password Call is to share a password of 4 digits by a voice robot when making a phone call to a client. The cost of the transaction is from 0.01 €/per transaction.

In the third case, a verification code of 4-6 digits is delivered via SMS, which is entered by the client in the appropriate field on the page registration/authorization.

In order to use the solution, just connect to the API of KOMPaaS.

Read more about API methods in the "Knowledge base" of software developer.

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