Newsroom combines different channels of communication with customers on a single online Multichat platform

Telecom operator, software product developer introduces a new service for business clients, the omnichannel Multichat platform, which allows you to effectively manage communication with customers simultaneously via feedback forms on the website, social networks, messengers, chatbots, etc. business clients can take advantage of the new service by signing up for a free Promo tariff, which is limited in duration to two weeks, but has no restrictions on the number of subscribers and operators included. Another tariff, Basic, offers savings of up to 30% with an annual subscription.

Using a multifunctional platform helps customer support operators successfully handle a large flow of requests without losses, track the status of dialogs with customers and redirect them to relevant specialists, as well as set up automatic responses.

Multichat allows you to handle different types of requests and set up unique interaction channels with different scenarios. For example, one of the channels can handle requests for the support service, another channel can handle requests for the sales department. Separately collected proposals from potential partners. All appeals are classified and assigned different business process statuses.

The new online platform includes capabilities for analyzing messages delivered from social networks and messengers. The system detects the source of the request and automatically sends information to Google Analytics. In addition, it is possible to save data about the user in the address book, which allows you to know your customer better.

Multichat is easily integrated with the Virtual PBX, i.e. the user automatically gets access to more than 200 features of the telecom platform, including services such as call recording, statistics on conversations and managers' calls, voice analytics, integration with CRM systems, and callback.

Multichat comes with a quick product setup and free technical support.

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