NNP Exchange: from concept to product

KOMPaaS offers NNP Exchange – a database of ported numbers and numbers allocated to operators as a solution for the developers of billing systems, telecom operators and data aggregators.

During the European Network Planning Meeting (ENPM) that was held in Budapest, Hungary almost two years ago, KOMPaaS first shared the concept of bringing operators into the NNP Exchange community with industry professionals. The presentation received positive feedback from participants of the event, representatives of major telecom operators and IT companies in Europe.

In April 2019, an international project was announced in Russia at two significant public events: Capacity Russia&CIS 2019 and the XXIII International Forum MAS'2019, which are held annually in Moscow as part of the Svyaz exhibition.

"It all started in 2018 with the idea of creating an international NNP Exchange community, aimed at uniting world operators in the exchanging of reliable data on allocated number capacities, number ranges and ported numbers. We were looking for partners who could join us in this important project for the industry and contribute to its implementation. The first operator from any country in the world, who wished to become a part of the NNP Exchange was offered free access to a system containing data from more than 240 countries, in exchange for the NNP (National Number Plan) of their country and information about ported numbers. Today we offer NNP Exchange on a commercial basis not only to telecom operators, but also to billing developers and data aggregators", - says KOMPaaS CEO Alexander Melnikov.

The base of numbering plans contains reliable information about the types of numbers, number ranges, NDC codes and country codes. In addition to the allocated capacity, the system also stores information concerning the ranges and lists of ported numbers, that is, numbers transferred from one network to another.

NNP Exchange provides accurate call routing for carriers where the possibility of incorrect termination of calls is minimized. The unified database provides reliable data on unaccounted numbers, the so-called "Flying Dutch", not included in the database of regulators and which allows you to block calls to, or from such numbers. Access to the database for billing developers will improve their product, improve the quality of services due to detailed information about the number plans of each country in the world, and help to protect operators against fraud.

You can use the KOMPaaS offer in three different ways: the Snapshot solution allows you to upload data without restrictions, in Real Time Snapshot you can download data in real time and with API Integration you can get unlimited access to the NNP Exchange database on demand in an online format.

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