Newsroom's revenue for the year 2023 increased by 19%

In a remarkable display of growth and innovation,, a leading provider of telephony services and advanced software solutions for business process automation, has announced a significant revenue increase of 19% for the year 2023. Serving a diverse clientele of corporate entities and individuals across Austria, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, and France, has solidified its position as a pivotal player in the telecommunications and IT sectors.

The company's comprehensive suite of services, spearheaded by its flagship Virtual PBX product, witnessed an impressive 17.9% revenue uptick. However, it was the A2P SMS service that emerged as the year's standout, charting an unparalleled revenue surge of 87%. This performance underscores's adeptness at harnessing technological advancements to meet and exceed market demands.

In response to the growing need for robust two-factor authentication solutions, expanded its offerings to include innovative services such as Confirmation Call and Password SMS. These additions have quickly gained traction within the small and medium business sectors, propelling a notable 82% increase in service revenue.

Elevating business communications with AI-driven CPaaS

As part of the strategic development of the CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) platform, has expanded the functionality of its services through the integration of artificial intelligence technologies. This innovation has been a response to the increasing demand from corporate clients for business process automation.'s cloud solutions, optimized with AI, offer small and medium-sized businesses excellent opportunities to improve customer service and attract new users with lower costs.

Newly introduced functionalities such as "Voice classification calls" and "Call transcription" have redefined customer engagement. The voice classification calls service enables seamless customer dialogue classification, while the call transcription feature offers real-time and accurate conversion of phone conversations into text across English, German and 30 other languages.

The launch of the "Multichat" online platform represents another significant stride towards centralized customer communication management. This innovative platform facilitates streamlined handling of inquiries from various channels, including social media, messengers, web chats, and website feedback forms, all within a unified interface.

Future-Forward with Enhanced Chatbots and CRM Integrations's "Chatbot" product now boasts a scheduling feature for time-defined message dispatch, further enhancing customer engagement strategies. The company has also introduced a new PBX integration with Slack and expanded its CRM and ERP system integrations. These advancements offer clients increased flexibility and control, aligning with's commitment to fostering business process efficiency through technological innovation.

Main trends in the telecommunications industry this year:

  • Expansion of 5G networks
  • Increase in the number of IoT device users
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Development of AR and VR
  • Data security
  • Digital transformation

About is a telecommunications platform enabling B2B customers to connect telephony software products and services in real-time. It offers a powerful Virtual PBX with over 200 functions, geographical and nomadic numbers, Chabot, Automated Calls, 2FA Authentication (Confirmation Call), Contact Center AI and other essential services to automate customer interaction processes. Registered as a telecom operator in six European countries — Austria, Hungary, France, Germany, Slovakia, and Switzerland — holds a numbering capacity set up using SIP Trunk. For more information about's telephony services and to explore our offerings, please visit

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