Newsroom has introduced three new Virtual PBX tariffs

The telecom operator and software developer is offering three tariff plans for VPBX: Partner, Pay as you go, and All inclusive.

The key feature of the new tariffs is that the connection is free, and the cost includes a package of more than 30% free features, among which are all types of Call forwarding, Online-monitoring panel, Call statistics, Voice greeting and Voice menu (IVR), Forwarding to manager, integration of third-party PBX with Virtual PBX KOMPaaS, and many others.

The Partner tariff comes without a subscription fee, and the number of Virtual PBX subscribers is limited to 10 users. The cost includes 3 GB of cloud storage and the ability to connect one external telephone number.

The Virtual PBX capabilities in the Partner tariff are expanded with additional functions: Virtual fax, Call recording, Prompter, Call evaluation, Text-to-speech and Speech-to-text, Call transcription, Voice classification calls.

The minimum cost of the Pay as you go tariff corresponds to the cost of connecting one subscriber and is €1.99. Each option, including the second and subsequent subscribers, cloud storage, connection of external numbers, and additional functions, is paid separately, except for the package of initial functions.

The minimum cost of the All inclusive tariff is €4.99 per subscriber, additional functions are included in the cost. Additional subscribers, connection of external numbers, and cloud storage are paid separately.

To learn more about the Virtual PBX tariffs and to explore other offers from, visit the website.

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