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Golden phone number

Golden numbers are sophisticated sequences of phone digits. Scarcer than standard numbers and more memorable, they enhance audience engagement, streamline client communication, and fortify the perception of a flourishing company.

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    Any number can be a Golden number, whether it is a landline, a mobile number (including direct lines), or a toll-free number where the call charges are covered by the receiving party.

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    With, you can choose from over 500 aesthetically pleasing numbers across 5+ countries in Europe, including major cities such as Budapest, Frankfurt am Main, Paris, Bratislava, and Vienna.

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    Golden numbers are available to companies of all sizes and industries. The pricing is affordable even for novice entrepreneurs, and the investment swiftly pays for itself.

What will you receive with your Golden number?

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    Multichannel capability

    Your company's phone line will never be engaged again! Connect as many lines as your business requires.

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    All golden numbers are virtual, ensuring no ties to specific hardware. If you move to a new office, there's no need to change your number!

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    Unified number

    Utilise a single number across all branches, even those yet to be established. Internal communication is cost-free talk away without incurring charges!

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    Number management

    Seamlessly replace numbers depending on geography, schedule call forwarding, and restrict certain outgoing call groups—customise your communications to your preference.

How do I buy a golden phone number?

  1. Select a number

  2. Go to the shopping cart

  3. Complete and submit the application form

  4. A personal manager will contact you and clarify all the details

How else can your personal manager assist?

  • Provide detailed answers to all queries
  • Facilitate the purchase of a Golden number
  • Recommend the most cost-effective communication tariff
  • Configure the features of the virtual PBX
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What are the benefits of a Golden phone number?

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    A Boost in image aesthetics

    A harmonious sequence of numbers, featuring repetitions and mirrored symmetry, elevates the visual appeal of business cards or websites. Just like all appealing things, golden numbers instantly captivate and retain the viewer's attention.

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    Trust at first glance

    Golden numbers are often adopted by prominent organizations, such as banks or governmental institutions. A unique number accentuates the reputation of a business and solidifies its credibility in the audience's eyes.

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    Attract more customers

    Potential clients are more likely to reach out to a company with a standout number over competitors with nondescript ones. An eye-catching number is particularly helpful in cities with a highly competitive landscape, like Budapest or Vienna.

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    Enhance advertising efficiency

    A memorable phone number, particularly one that resonates effectively, proves advantageous across all advertising platforms—whether outdoor, print, or digital. Despite identical advertising costs, a Golden number significantly enhances results compared to a standard phone number.

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    Retain loyal customers

    Scouring the internet for a specific number can be a tedious task. It's far more convenient to simply recall it! A Golden number not only saves time but also simplifies the lives of established clients. This thoughtfulness is sure to be appreciated, fostering loyalty to your service.

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