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Platina Phone Numbers

Platina phone numbers represent an exclusive category of unique business telephone numbers, designed for those ready to invest in their brand image and enhance customer convenience. These numbers are considerably rarer than their silver or gold counterparts, making them more premium in pricing. Their uncomplicated and appealing digit combinations exude prestige and are easily memorable. Consequently, they not only help in rapidly expanding your customer base and ensuring existing customer satisfaction but also elevate the perception of your organisation among potential business partners.

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    A Platina number can be a direct federal or a toll-free line.

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    By partnering with the certified telecommunications operator,, you gain the privilege of selecting a distinctive number from over 15 regions and major cities in Europe.

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    Such a unique number becomes an excellent investment for businesses of all scales and sectors. Given that you incur this cost only once, the return on this investment is realised swiftly.

What will you receive alongside your Platina Number?

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    Multichannel capability

    Your office will be reachable at the first attempt! Connect as many lines as your business requires.

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    Every Platina number is virtual, meaning it's not tied to any specific hardware. You won't need to change your number even if you move to a new office!

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    Unified number

    You can use a single contact number for all branches, even for those planned in the future. Communication between employees is free of charge!

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    Communication Management

    Automatic substitution based on geographic location, any call forwarding, and restrictions on call groups - tailor your communication to what's convenient for you and beneficial for your business.

How do I buy a platina phone number?

  1. Select a number

  2. Go to the shopping cart

  3. Complete and submit the application form

  4. A personal manager will contact you and clarify all the details

How else can your personal manager assist?

  • Address any queries you may have in detail
  • Elucidate on the available options and facilitate the ordering process
  • Recommend the most advantageous tariff for you
  • Configure the PBX functions
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What are the benefits of a Platina phone number?

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    Enhancing your brand image

    A harmonious combination with repetitions and symmetry can enhance your website or printed materials. A visually appealing sequence of signs will immediately capture attention and evoke instant appeal.

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    Trust at first touch

    Your company will be categorised alongside banks or governmental services that utilise rare number combinations. This will bolster your business's credibility in the eyes of your audience.

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    Enhanced lead generation

    In major cities, a standout phone number isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. Distinguishing yourself amongst competitors can boost your sales significantly.

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    Enhanced advertising efficacy

    Research indicates that, for equivalent advertising spend, adverts featuring unique contact combinations outperform those with standard contact details.

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    Prioritising loyal customers

    Searching for essential information can be an unnecessary effort. It's far more efficient when it's retained in memory! A unique phone number simplifies the experience for trusted clients - a gesture they genuinely appreciate.

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