How could we increase the number of webshop orders by 2,7 times and enhance the profitability?

How many managers in a call-center can be delegated for the confirmation and processing of orders? Can they react promptly and not keep the clients waiting on the line? Even if this is not a problem, after a successful advertisement campaign probably it will not be enough when orders will increase dramatically. We are going to tell about, how we solved the problem for one of our clients.

Specifics of the project

Our client is a big webshop, specified in electronics. Before coming to us they processed orders in a traditional way: as soon as the client pushed the bottom "Order" the request was passed to the manager and he/she called the client.

Unfortunately, not all the calls were processed in due time. Managers sometimes did not notice requests, and they could not call back quickly to the clients. Clients were waiting for the call-back 2-3 hours in average, but some of the buyers turned to other webshops meantime. Moreover, some requests were missed out by the managers and the webshop lost clients.

Our task was to improve the situation: reducing the processing time of calls and avoiding further loss of clients.

Business automation

We are here to help companies to cut their costs and increase profitability by automation of business processes. In this case for order processing we suggested to implement Automated calls.

The robot simplified the operation of the call center by the following means:

  • call-back to the clients leaving their requests in order to adjust and confirm orders
  • dialogue with a client on order confirmation or modification according to clients needs

After placing an order client should not wait for the manager's call. The robot is calling the client quickly and automatically.

Robot is communicating with the client alone, according to the specified algorithms and call scenario. It checks the content of order, answers the questions, modifies the order, if necessary. Of course, if the client asks to switch on the operator of call-center, it will do it.

After the confirmation of the order the robot registers it in CRM, formulates a task for the sales managers.

The platform is integrated with the CRM-system and it receives information from it. It knows everything about the client's order, sometimes about the interrupted one, and it calls the client if there is the case. For example, the robot calls the client remembering him about the interrupted order, or telling him about a new promotion, or asking his opinion on the webshop. By doing this it helps to regain clients and increase orders of the webshop.


As a result of implementation of Automated calls the average time of call processing decreased from 2-3 hours up to some seconds, there were no lost requests. Certainly it had a big impact on sales.

Webshop processed 2,7 times more requests/month by reducing workload on call-center operators. Additionally, more requests have been received: the robot started to regain clients with new orders, those deals could not be done before.

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